Advertising posters – L’Espace Carré d’Arts -Design On

Le February 13, 2018
Creation of two urban advertising posters at Belfort in Franche-Comté. One for L’Espace Carré d’Arts and the other for Design On.
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Happy New Year 2018 – L’Espace Carré d’Arts

Le February 8, 2018
Creation of a card to wish an Happy New Year to all customers of L’Espace Carré d’Arts with the main brands of the store like Linn, Yamaha, Control4, etc.
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Merry Christmas 2017 – L’Espace Carré d’Arts

Le February 1, 2018
Creation of an isometric 3D illustration for L’Espace Carré d’Arts to wish Merry Christmas to the store’s customers.
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Business Cards – Design On

Le January 25, 2018
Creation of two business cards for Design On in Belfort. Each cards represents a specialty.
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Provisional Shop Window – L’Espace Carré d’Arts

Le August 25, 2017
Creating a provisional shop window during the construction work for L’Espace Carré d’Arts at Belfort.
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Happy New Year 2017 – L’Espace Carré d’Arts

Le April 15, 2017
​​After presenting the Christmas card of L’Espace Carré d’Arts, this is the turn of the card to wish a Happy New Year.
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Happy Christmas 2016 – L’Espace Carré d’Arts

Le March 13, 2017
​For Christmas and New Year celebration, I created some cards for L’Espace Carré d’arts’s newsletter and social networks.
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Roll Up – L’Espace Carré d’Arts 2016

Le September 10, 2016
Creation of six Roll Up for L’Espace Carré d’Arts that highlight several brands available at the store with Linn, Waterfall audio and Control4.
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Mascot – L’Espace Carré d’Arts

Le September 6, 2016
Creating a mascot for the store L’Espace Carré d’Arts. The lion is the symbol of the city of Belfort, the store wanted from this base.
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Logo – Residence les vergers

Le September 2, 2016
To renew the identity of the Residence Les Vergers – Retirement Home in Rougemont le château – a proposition was made to employees : To create the new logo.
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